Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Scarborough ... aghast

I quote occasionally from the Daily DX. It is about a buck a week to get the EMail subscription. I won my first year's subscription from a drawing at Boxboro (the ARRL New England Division Convention) a couple of years ago and have been hooked ever since. If you want to know what is happening in the DX world today this is your best source.
When there is a big DXpedition in progress there are additional mailings to keep you apprised of the unfolding events. In a message just received Bernie McClenny passed along some status of the Scarborough Reef DXpedition including descriptions of the treacherous conditions on the jagged rocks and surrounding razor-sharp coral. Day shifts are 6 hours in blistering heat and night shifts are 13 hours in the darkest night imaginable. Make no mistake, these are brave souls.

Now for the aghast part. Below in the block quote is fan mail (their term, not mine) received by this team. I lifted it directly from the Daily DX message with capitalization problems, spelling errors, and punctuation exactly as it was presented there. My head hangs in shame to think that this kind of bile comes from our amateur ratio community. {sigh}

"fIVE YEARS PLAnning you did a %&*@# job we cant
hear you on the east coast you shoud have gotton
info from n8s they did a great job at least you heard
them you guys keep working ja's and w6's thats all
your going to get the east coast i guess is off
limmits you wount get any donation from me or any
one else on the east coast you guys are the worst
go to 11 meters you might have better lush"

I'll have a nice post tonight about pleasant things and planning for my St. Kitts trip. In the mean time, get those courageous BS7H fellows in your log. Good luck!


Blogger Steve Weinert said...

It is a shame that some of our ranks aquit themselves so poorly.

Having seen the pictures of the three previous DXpeditions to this reef one can only imagine how tough this duty is.

I'm hoping I can work BS7H, but if I don't my hat is still tipped to those willing to make such a bold effort to benefit the DX community.

Godspeed to the Team!




May 01, 2007 3:26 PM  

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