Thursday, May 03, 2007

Making lists

It got late again, nearly midnight. It is too late for me to post anything significant tonight. So, rather than put up a lengthy discussion on any one thing, let me just put up a list of things I'm thinking about.

  • V4 license - I goofed up my license request and they "gave me" V4/NE1RD. Should I fight it? I've sent one FAX and one email with no response to either. Maybe I'll just live with it. {sigh}

  • Elecraft K3 - I did the exercise of pricing this radio with the options I wanted. $3300. Wow. The words "not in this months budget" don't begin to cover it. Of course, I just blew money on an IC-7000, a trip to Montserrat, a new portable Yagi, Buddipole parts, $1300 antenna analyzer, and a 48 watt solar panel. So, it isn't like I'm deprived. Still thinking...

  • NEQP this weekend - I need to rearrange my schedule to put some serious operating time in. This is a fun contest.

  • Hazardous waste day - Here's my chance to safely and appropriately dispose of all these dead gel cell batteries I have stacked up. Recycling is a beautiful thing.

  • Deer Isle - Oh yeah, I need to send off some mail to the woman that rents us that house in Maine. We're going to reschedule our lease for Patriots Day 2008.

  • Dayton - More email I'd forgotten to send. Macintosh users had a small get-together at Dayton last year with Don Argo of Dog Park Software organizing the rendezvous. Some guys were trying to do that again. One fellow suggested Saturday morning. I countered with Thursday evening during our blogging dinner and drinks event. We'll see what the reaction is. If they keep it the Saturday of Dayton, I'll miss it. I'll be on my way to Chicago.

  • St. Kitts airfare - Drat. I still haven't booked that. I need to make a check list before I start forgetting stuff!

... and so on. It really is time to start making some lists! But, that will need to wait until tomorrow.


Blogger Jeff, KE9V said...

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May 03, 2007 7:08 PM  
Blogger Jeff, KE9V said...

Over $3K for the K3?

I decided to order the modular 100w K3 with the ATU. That comes to $2050.49 with speedy shipping. That compares favorably to a new, fully loaded K2/100. I figure I can add the 2nd Rx and filters "later". No need to get it all until I better understand which filters I want -- and I'm not really sure I need the 2nd Rx... Just something to think about.

C'mon Scott, join me in a reckless trip closer to personal bankruptcy. :-)

73 de Jeff

May 03, 2007 7:15 PM  

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