Friday, May 11, 2007

Generate some buzz, and the YCCC at 30

Packing up your gear and getting to your destination is only the beginning of the adventure. It would be nice to also make some QSOs! Though contests can be a productive way to get those QSOs in the log, I know many reading this do not enjoy contesting. Many find the "you are 59 QRZ!" exchange is unsatisfying.
I enjoy contesting. I especially enjoy working in the major contests. Knowing that the airwaves will be filled with operators who may only operate three or four times a year is a thrill for me. Contests also provide a target rich environment. With all this activity, somebody will want to talk to me!
You can create your own excitement. We tried to do that for the Montserrat trip by publicizing the details of our trip in advance. There were many who found us on the air who sounded as excited to make the contact as we were.
Creating a special event station is also an excellent way to generate some buzz for your operation. Anyone with a license can apply for a special event station and a special 1-by-1 call sign once per year. You don't need much of an excuse. I'm waiting for a special event celebrating the operator's own birthday. It could happen.
Here's another example of buzz: The Yankee Clipper Contest Club is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Look for YCCC members operating on the air for the remainder of this year signing /30. I will be doing a little of this myself! And, I promise to give you a little more than "you are 59". {grin}
Let's put some in the log. See you on the bands!


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