Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weather and St. Kitts planning

Planning for the Lovells Island trip has taken another interesting turn. While it is a gorgeous day here just West of Boston, it doesn't look like the sunshine will be staying. Violent weather is moving in for the weekend.
Saturday: 50% chance of thunderstorms
Saturday night: 30% chance of thunderstorms
Sunday: 60% of heavy rain
This is starting to look like a bad idea. That said, the rolling shopping cart arrived yesterday, assembled in minutes, and looks like it would easily hold all I needed to haul out there. Though it is not obvious from the picture, there is ample room for more stuff in this beast including water, food, and last minute items.

In the mean time, while I watch the weather forecasts, I've been working on the planning for the St. Kitts trip. A first draft of the logo for the trip was created last night. You can see this on the new web site Again, this is just getting started so please excuse the skeletal form of all this. (Then again, you can watch the thing "fill in" as I go, I guess!)

I've already talked to the owner of the home we'll be renting down in St. Kitts so I know that 120v 60 cycle outlets with the expected USA fixtures are available throughout the villa. For those times when you aren't quite sure, though, here is a handy web site that has some interesting resources:
Steve Kropla's Help for World Travelers web site. The thing that caught my eye was the World Electric Guide: Electric Power Around the World resources page which identifies the power source (volts and frequency) along with the outlet shape for countries around the world. Very handy! This is no substitute for asking your hosts questions, but it provides a good starting place.


Blogger Steve Weinert said...

The cart looks handy. What is your plan-B to get everything back off of the Island if the cart doesn't hold up?

I've some weatherproof OD green surplus coated canvas bags I've used hunting and canoeing to cache my good gear if conditions (weather, other transport gear or even me myself) were unfavorable.

I've recently seen a review of a fully sealing bright yellow bag that if loaded light enough will float. Was in a boating magazine, but I've not found the exact thing at our local ship's chandlers yet.

Good Luck & keep dry!



July 27, 2007 9:29 AM  
Blogger NE1RD's Blog said...

The cart should hold up, but if it were to fail, Plan "B" is to beg fellow travelers for a helping hand.

The Pelican case holding the K2 is water tight and will float, not that I hope to test it, of course!

My thinking is this: I may do a stint on Georges island instead of Lovells for 6 or 7 hours instead of the 12. A Ferry leaves every hour. If the weather turns, I can pack up, hide in the shelter of the Ranger Station, and disappear on the next boat. Or, I may just get wet and camp on Lovells. I'll decide tonight.

-- Scott (NE1RD)

July 27, 2007 2:39 PM  
Blogger Steve Weinert said...

Good luck either Island - if you have a chance to post your expected schedule & frequencies, we'll try and catch you on the air!

Two rehearsals, an outdoor concert, a family friend's communion and a huge pig roast where they are using some of my sound gear, are going to cut into my IOTA weekend, but I'll try!



July 27, 2007 4:58 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

If you go, I hope to work you. Good luck!

Rich AB1HD

July 27, 2007 6:28 PM  

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