Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I have released two new programs today. QSLpro is now finally released as version 1.01. I have had good luck with it producing QSL card labels for my personal operations and for the VP2M group. A permanent home for the distribution of this software needs to be found, but for right now I have posted it to the Yahoo! group for Cab-converter.
Additionally, I have begun packaging up a program called QSOstats. The small skeleton of the program has been uploaded to the Cab-converter file area to support Macintosh users producing Field Day summaries. Here is the summary of our very casual effort for PART.

Band CW Qs Dig Qs Ph Qs
160m 0 0 0
80m 0 0 0
60m 0 0 0
40m 0 9 0
30m 0 0 0
20m 0 6 30
17m 0 0 0
15m 0 0 3
12m 0 0 0
10m 0 0 0
6m 0 0 11
2m 0 0 4
220 0 0 0
440 0 0 0
TOTAL 0 15 48

There is still a great deal to do around here. I'm planning on participating in the CQ VHF contest this weekend. Then, next weekend is the IOTA contest. I'll be staying overnight on Lovells Island so I can work a full 12 hours. That should be interesting! I've already got QSL cards for NA-148 but needed a red rubber stamp to officially put the name of the island on the cards. The Sign Man offers a very nice round stamp for this purpose. It is ordered and on its way. It should arrive right around the time of the contest so I'll be able to send out QSL cards from the operation immediately.


Blogger Unknown said...

All the best -Qs and multipliers to you and lots of fun during both contests. I'm looking forward to your post-contest commentary. Go get'em Scott!

73 de Scot, KA3DRR

July 19, 2007 8:22 PM  

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