Saturday, September 08, 2007

Packing (1st round) for St. Kitts

I began the great equipment drive of 2007. Like those cattle drives of the Old West, pieces and parts are strewn over most of the living room floor with a slow and meticulous migration of all this junk towards the large cases that will eventually go to St. Kitts. I hope to have the first "draft" of the equipment packed into the Pelican 1610 and "Vault" golf case selected from all this stuff by the end of the day tomorrow. The balance will go back into storage. When I have a complete set I'll post the inventory and weight allocation here.
After a brief respite at the Blue Ginger restaurant in Wellesley celebrating a friend's 10th wedding anniversary, we returned home to this enormous mess still infesting most of the upstairs living space. Rather than deal with it, I returned to working on the antenna white paper Did I mention that the white paper is a partial draft? There is so much more to add it is dizzying. I began working on the low-band antenna section (which was left with little more than a "to do" in version 0.18). So, some of these antennas will be in the next version.
Finally, I was able to put in a full evening of work on my presentation materials last night. I've got the first of three talks to be given to local groups in just a week so I've got to get something finalized. Luckily, audio and video captured during the Montserrat trip is a lot more interesting than me talking... and I've got a bunch of that stuff. {grin}


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