Friday, August 17, 2007

QSL card pondering

I received a message today from UX5UO QSL printers today. They had spotted the DX bulletin announcement of the V4 DXpedition and sent an offer to print QSL cards for the trip. I have done all of my recent printing with QSLworks but the card produced for the Montserrat trip was a little disappointing. Chris (W6HFP) had his wife Inese, a very talented graphics artist, design the card but the printing was muddy with poor registration. Since I had pushed for QSLworks with the team, I had some amount of egg on my face because of it. So, though I'm not necessarily jumping ship from QSLworks, I am now considering other vendors.
I try to have the outline of the design for my card in place before the trip begins. That way I'm sure to get the photos of the right stuff. I would be frustrating to realize once you returned home that the perfect picture for your QSL card was the one you neglected to take!
I have also spent some time thinking about operating before and after the contest. I had lots of fun offering QSOs on the WARC bands while on Montserrat. Our thinking for that trip was contesters probably hand out lots of QSOs on 10-15-20-40m, but people still need even common islands on the WARC bands. Our thinking was rewarded with lots of big pile-ups and many thank-yous from hams for the new band. I think I'll try that again on St. Kitts. So, look for me on 17m and maybe even 12m at the top of the hour. I'll see if folks need NA-104 on the WARC bands, too.

Finally, speaking of artwork, I submitted my design for the DX Reference Wiki site. They have a logo design contest open until 31 October. This new site, mentioned on KE9V's site yesterday, is worth a look. And, perhaps in November, it will sport my new logo! {grin}


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FB on your graphic entry for the DX Wiki logo.

I hope you win the 40' SpiderBeam pole!

73 de Jeff

August 17, 2007 8:44 PM  

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