Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mini-32-A now complete

This is just a quick note on a Sunday morning. I've finishing up a white paper for a project at work that is due tomorrow. Thoughts of the scramble the night before a term paper is due have come to mind more than once. (And like those preverbal term papers, I drug my feet on this one for a bit, too, so the fact I'm in here on a Sunday morning is a problem that is largely self-inflicted.)
Anyway, I thought it might be good to close up the business with this Mosley beam. Reviewing, the sequence of events went something like this:
  • I decided it was time to try getting a lightweight beam again.
  • After a bunch of agonizing, I finally decided on the Mosley Mini-32-A. I had a special order for this antenna, specifying that no piece be longer than 48 inches (so it would pack easily in my golf bag). Gary at Mosley said that could be done. My order was put in the queue. Life is good.
  • The antenna arrived in mid-July, but I didn't have time to look at it closely until later.
  • Only when finally trying to pack the antenna did I realize that a couple of the pieces were much longer than 48 inches!
  • I called Mosley on Monday and notified them of the problem.
  • Mosley stepped up on Tuesday and said that the new pieces would be fabricated and shipped out right away.

Those pieces arrived on Thursday. Mosley FedEx-ex the new pieces so I'd have them immediately. Again, a company's customer service is best measured by how they react when things go wrong. Mosley's response to this problem was exemplary. I couldn't be more pleased.


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