Thursday, July 27, 2006

Gear plan for Saturday

No word back from the Georges Island people on possible use of their power so I'm going to proceed with the QRP plans, at least for now. Even though the QRP stuff is smaller than the 100 watt outfit, there will still be a significant amount of stuff I'll need to wrestle on to the island. Here's a rundown as I'm considering it now:

  1. Shelter -- This is a pop-up screened in area that will keep the sun off of me during my stay. Just as I did in June, I'll pop this thing over a picnic table and make that my operating position. The shelter weighs about 10 pounds and collapses into a roughly three foot diameter flat bundle that hangs nicely in a nylon mesh carrying sack.

  2. Rig -- I'll bring the Pelican 1510 case outfitted with the Elecraft K2. This weighs in under 25 pounds, I think.

  3. Big Buddipole -- The Big Buddipole system discussed earlier weighs in at 12 pounds and can be slung over my shoulder. It has the tripod, 16 foot mast, and now has the triple ratio balun tucked into it so it won't be left behind like last time.

  4. Backpack -- This will hold my solar panel, charge controller, coax, enough water to last the day, a clipboard and paper for logging, compass, GPS, sunglasses, reading glasses, and any other personal comfort items I think I might need for that day in the sun. (I should think about packing a lunch, too.) Total weight here is probably about 10 pounds, counting the water.

  5. Freeplay Freecharge Weza -- This is the portable power device I mentioned a few days ago.

This puts my weight about (10 + 25 + 12 + 10 + 20 =) 77 pounds for the trip, well within my goal of 100 pounds or less. I might bring the second Buddipole and set it up for a second band (like 15m) which would add just under 10 more pounds with coax. The problem on this trip won't be weight; it will be managing the bulk and clutter! Luckily, I just need to get it to the boat, on the boat, and then off the boat again on the other end. There is pavement for me to drag the wheeled Pelican case for nearly all of the trip.
This is a pretty reasonable selection of gear for a day trip of this type. The Buddipole gives me a way of erecting an antenna in an area with no trees or buildings. The battery in the K2 and the Weza gives me enough juice to operate for the day. And, I've not forgotten the safety stuff like plenty of water, sunscreen, and shade to stave off heat and sun stroke. If I can wrangle everything there, it should be a good time!


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