Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Georges Island IOTA contest QTH

I just got a call from a ranger associated with Georges Island asking me about my request to operate from the island and use a little power off their generator. (I discussed some of this in a previous blog entry). No promises were made but he seemed interested in helping.
One of the questions he had for me was, "did I belong to a club?" I replied, "Yes, I belong to the Yankee Clipper Contest Club, along with several other organizations including the service club in Westford called PART."
The other question he had regarded my antenna. My intention is to use my Buddipole systems on the island. (No word yet on the Force-12 Sigma-5.) When I described the system you could sense the relief in his voice. The Buddipole is compact, reasonably small, and easy to describe: there is a tripod, a 16-foot mast, and the antenna fits on top of the mast either horizontal or, perhaps, vertical, depending on how I set it up.
I made it clear I was coming this weekend no matter what and that I'd operated from there before with battery power. I also dropped a few details that the RSGB has on their IOTA pages and the fact that fewer than 25% of the members have Georges Island in their logs. I'd be sought after (I hope).
I don't know what will happen. Perhaps the answer will come back as "sorry". No matter what happens, I'm very pleased that somebody followed up on my request and took the time to talk with me. Cross your fingers!


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