Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Business cards and more

I solved the business card / eyeball-QSL problem. Sunday afternoon I took a few minutes and created a nice business card in Photoshop using my logo. I dropped off the artwork to a printer Monday morning and picked up the results this afternoon. The low resolution version below doesn't do it justice.
Business card
I'll have them in my pocket at Boxboro so if you want one, ask.
In other news I got a really great note from Dave (KB1LKE, a fellow who started following the blog after it was featured on the ARRL Surfin' page. Dave pitched in with lots of observations and links that were very helpful! In case my mission here gets lost, let me repeat it: I believe anybody who is interested in traveling with the radio should try it. If you find information here that helps your first adventure be successful, I'd be very pleased indeed. I'll share my experiences, good and bad, and my victories and goof-ups. Feel free to share your insights, too. Hopefully, anyone reading this will benefit from all of it. Thanks again, Dave!


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