Friday, August 18, 2006

99 Hobbies and Joe in Montenegro

Sorry for the late post. I'm very busy at work and I took the time today to meet with my good friend and Elmer Dave. Dave has the 99 Hobbies web site and has been interviewing really interesting characters for his podcasts. He spent Thursday at ARRL headquarters and got a couple of interviews I think you'll really enjoy. Lunch with Dave along with the stories of his exploits down there was a welcome break at the end of a long week. Go give 99 Hobbies a listen.
I have stuff to report on the Force 12 Sigma-5 but I'll just wait until tomorrow to write it up. Saturday is the North American QSO Party (SSB) and I'll see if I can put the Sigma-5 on the air for some of that contest. I'll be able to do A/B comparisons between the Sigma-5, my G5RV, and my MFJ HiQ loop. (I guess that would be A/B/C comparisons.)
In other news, those of you following along might remember that I had talked with Joe Pater (W8GEX) about his planning and experiences trying to reach Cay Sal Bank. Joe was extremely generous with his time and shared with me information that was invaluable going forward. He's a true gentleman and expert DXpeditioner.
Joe has popped up again recently in the newest of DXCC entities. Here's how today's Daily DX began.

W8GEX, Joe Pater, from the current
4O6DX team in Montenegro reports the
group is trying to have three stations on
the air all the time, depending on band

I dropped Joe a quick email on August 11th offering him congratulations and good luck for the trip. Joe was kind enough to write back within a couple of hours with this:

Hello Scott I do remember talking to you.
If we work from 4O6DX please tell me who
you are. After a while all the calls run
together. Joe W8GEX
PS: Keep me posted on Cal Sal.

You can count on it, Joe! I hope you'll all work the folks at 4O6DX. When you do, tell them Scott said 'hello'. [grin]


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