Thursday, August 10, 2006

Going public: NA-103 DXpedition

I've made some mention to another DXpedition that I've been planning but haven't written about yet. Well, here it is: I will be traveling with a small group to Montserrat (NA-103) in January of 2007.

As some of you might know, Montserrat suffered a catastrophe when the Soufriere Hills volcano destroyed a large portion of the island, including the capital Plymouth. Half of the island is now uninhabitable and even dangerous to this day. Much of the population has left the island and so, this once beautiful gem in the Caribbean now stands as a shadow of its former self.
What you might not know is the other half of the island is just as beautiful as ever. Our group has already secured a set of villas for our stay but little else in the trip has been worked out. As we nail down these details, I'll blog about here here so, hopefully, you'll see how a trip is planned and executed.
This has been in the works for a while but I asked only yesterday if the group would OK me making it public here. Hearing no objections, I did! Just to be clear, though, I'll report in my blog about things we've arranged and finalized but the discussions among the group members will be behind closed doors. Having a little privacy while you make important decisions is key to building confidence and trust within the group. I wouldn't dream of breaching that.
This doesn't mean I'll only be talking about the Montserrat trip. Far from it. Life goes on and I've got lots of other, more immediate, stuff in the works. For example, I was eyeing Little Brewster light house while last on Georges Island. There's an International Lighthouse/Lighthship Weekend event coming up and that might be an even more interesting way to hand out NA-148.


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