Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Miscellany and spam

Just a couple of things in the works today. I've got the first pile of QSL cards from my NE1RD/1 Boston Harbor Islands (Georges Island) activity that will get filled out tonight. They should be in the mail by morning.
A few minutes ago I called about my car to see if the body shop had given it a look. (As mentioned earlier, we were in a bit of a bang-up recently.) The body shop manager said he finally received the paperwork from the insurance company and would be prying it open to do a more thorough inspection in the next day or so. Once I have all the numbers, I guess I decide if I just fix it (if the damage isn't that extensive) or just roll the money into a new Element. Of course that means moving all the radio stuff. [sigh]
I just cleaned out the first pile of spam from the blog this morning. Ugh. Just a couple of spam-comments but perhaps it was the wake-up call I needed. I've now enabled the feature that demands comment posters type in the squiggly word in the box. By the way, the term for this irritating little feature is captcha. Sorry for the inconvenience.
While cleaning out the spam I also noticed that I had a couple of comments posted on previous blog entries including a question. I didn't see these until this morning. I've answered the question (about PowerPole crimping) but I should add here that I welcome feedback on the blog and am happy to answer questions privately if you like. Send mail to my call sign at ARRL dot net if you'd like to reach me.
Finally, Where's Waldo? Waldo, the name I've given to my errant Sigma-5 Force-12 antenna, is on its way. It should have shipped last Tuesday but, in fact, it shipped on Wednesday of last week instead. My FedEx tracking shows it had departed Los Angles on the 10th but no other word since then. It is still slated to arrive tomorrow. I hope it does!


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