Monday, August 21, 2006

Daily DX

I mentioned the Daily DX in passing in Friday's post. Perhaps I should say a little more about this fine service.
Two years ago at the Boxboro DX dinner there were a number of door prizes awarded. My good friend Steve walked away with a brand new MFJ-259B antenna analyzer. I was called a few minutes later to receive an envelope entitling me to a year's subscription to the Daily DX email newsletter. Though Steve's prize had a higher dollar value, I almost believe I got the better deal.
The Daily DX provides you with 250 issues per year (5 days a week, 50 weeks a year) with all the "who is operating where, on which bands, for how long, and how do I QSL with them" information you could ever want. When my renewal came due after the first year, I did so unhesitatingly. It was due again (this being the second anniversary of that Boxboro dinner) and I renewed again. For about 20 cents an issue (or, about a tenth of a good cup of coffee), you can't beat it.
You can view a sample of a daily mailing here. Subscriptions are $49 a year. A Weekly DX emailed once a week as a PDF is about half that. They'll even let you try it for a couple of weeks for free (details on the order page). Try it and see if you're not hooked. Oh, yeah, and look for my call sign in there once in a while [grin].


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