Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sigma-5 performs and Monserrat update

My short workout with the new Force 12 Sigma-5 yesterday was very productive and encouraging. In roughly one hour contacts were made in Florida, British Columbia, Colorado, Oregon, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Louisiana, Newfoundland, and Italy. All of these contacts were with 5 watts except for the Italy contact. I had to turn up the power to 10 watts to get out of the noise for the guy. Very impressive! I think it will make a good addition to my 100 Pound DXpedition antenna collection.
The planning for the Montserrat trip had to take a back seat this week while I attended to other matters. I hope that the majority of the distractions are now behind me. Today I followed-up on a couple of things including joining the Monserrat Amateur Radio Society and finding a charter aircraft for the short hop between Antigua and Montserrat which our host at Gingerbread Hill is helping us with. (Email arrived while I was typing this blog entry from our host with the phone number. Thanks!)
I also made it a point to send out a status report to all the members highlighting the things that are in the works, the things that they need to follow up on, and those things we've not yet addressed. I hope to be organized enough to get such a status report pulled together each week and I think it would help our organization effort. There is a lot to do!
This week's hot points were licensing, joining MARS, and getting to the bottom of the airplane charter opportunity. I also have asked all the members for their T-shirt sizes. I've got a little gift I'd like to give everybody and want to be sure it fits.
Finally, there are two legal documents that I believe we need to get organized and signed: a general agreement among the traveling members (like the one in the DXpeditioning Behind the Scenes book) and a model release form, a standard release that says it is OK for people to use your likeness and voice. Simple, straightforward, and important. Just dotting the I's and crossing the T's.
This all might sound like overkill but I believe if we run this like a project, taking care at every step, then we'll all be more comfortable when we arrive. We'll know there is nothing important left undone.


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