Sunday, August 27, 2006

Boxboro wrap up

Today was Day Three at Boxboro and the last day of the event. With my presentation behind me I was able to just hang out and have fun. My hopes of winning one of the big prizes were dashed about 2 PM as the last card was drawn. Still, if you can't be a winner at least know one. Bill Ricker (N1VUX), a very bright fellow who worked for me a long time ago, won an HT from the Minuteman Repeater Association. There were many other great prizes given out by the corporate sponsors of the event including Cushcraft, HeilSound, Unadilla, West Mountain Radio, Icom America, MFJ, and too many more to name here.
One of the (many) things I picked up at the convention was how pervasive the use of audio and video has become in these DXpedition presentations. I really need to think about this for the presentation and video reviews of my trips, and particularly the Montserrat trip. It is quickly getting to the point where the static picture slide show style of presentation will seem lame and not hold an audience's attention.
Montserrat trip planning will be shifting into high gear for me now that Boxboro is over. Expect to see updates here pretty much daily on the things I'm worried about and those things I've accomplished (or messed up, depending, I guess).
Finally, a web content update: I added links for the Montserrat DXpedition and Dave's 99 Hobbies web site. Dave's 99 Hobbies effort in most decidedly on the rise. As he walked around Boxboro people would say to him, "I was hoping to run into you!" He's got some great new podcasts lined up from this event. (I got a sneak peek at a sample last night. Awesome!)


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