Monday, August 28, 2006

IC-7000 and LDG tuner

While I'm careful to tell all of you that it isn't about the equipment, it doesn't mean that you can't bring a nice radio. In something that was in-between a planned purchase and impulse buy, I snagged an ICOM IC-7000 yesterday at Boxboro and picked it up from The Ham Radio Outlet this morning.
I also picked up the AT-7000 autotuner from LDG, a sweet little device that has the same footprint as the radio and integrates into the system by emulating the AH-4 tuner, drawing power from the four pin molex connector on the radio and responding to the tune button on the front of the radio. The tuner came with the molex to DIN cable that connects the tuner to the radio and even a 12-inch patch cable to run between the tuner and the radio. That was a nice touch.
I've had extremely good service from LDG. When some switches in my Z-11 were damaged, I called the company to ask for some help and they offered to send me for free a replacement panel with the switches. When we were hit by lightning here a couple of summers ago, my AT-897 took a beating. Again, I called LDG and told them what happened and they said they'd look at it. They fixed it for free, even though it was obvious the damage was from lightning. They've always been generous with their time and, obviously, they're service and repair policy has been extremely good to me. They've earned my tuner business pretty much for life. Period.
I've gotten as far as crimping PowerPoles on the power cord and making sure the unit will come alive when powered. It does. Golly that display is sweet! I'll give a full report after I've given it a workout. I plan on using it for CQ WW. That will give me a good idea of how it holds up with things get interesting.


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