Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Corrected NA-148 QSL cards on their way

In a previous post I discussed the problem I had caused myself and others by not putting the island name on the QSL cards I had sent out. I made amends tonight by spending the last couple of hours going back through the log and cards I had received to replace those erroneous QSL cards sent previously with new ones, this time with the island name shown prominently.
The little rubber stamp I had ordered from The Sign Man worked great. I put the "Georges Island NE1RD/1" stamp and the "Verify by NE1RD" on the cards and the bright red ink stood out nicely against the black and white card backs. Hopefully, folks can now get the IOTA credit they deserve from these cards. If anybody finds that not to be the case, please let me know immediately!
Also in the stack was some cards for KP2/NE1RD, K1P, and my home call. I keep track of QSL information in my logging program so I had to be careful to check, and then update, the correct log while I did this. The reward for keeping track of this electronically is an automatic calculation of how many states, islands, and DXCC entities I have worked from each location. In fact, now that I worked Alaska on that last outing to Georges Island, I'm thinking there might be a Worked All States from that location some time in my future. (I have to work Hawaii to really be close, though.)
We've not decided who will do the QSL work for the Montserrat trip, but I wouldn't mind having the job. It is restful, and fun, to look over the cards, read and write little notes, and take a few moments to re-experience the QSO. I know some find the whole business tedious, and for those people I make sure all my QSOs are also uploaded to the Logbook of the World and eQSL, but I enjoy the old-fashioned and traditional QSLing.
So, check your mailbox in a few days if you are one of those few souls that worked NA-148 this summer. The new cards are on their way.


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