Saturday, October 21, 2006


The testing session was a bust this morning. We had no takers. So, naturally, we VEs in attendance began discussing what we need to do to increase interest in the hobby. The word we began fixating upon was relevance. How do we make what we love to do (play radio) sound relevant in today's world? We did talk about one fellow's idea as discussed on my friend Dave's web site 99 Tom Baker (NC6B) has developed a class in Moorpark High School integrating Amateur Radio within a comprehensive course on emergency preparedness. You can listen to that interview here.
I applaud that effort, but we all agreed it would be nice if we were able to also generate some pure love for the hobby, absent of the practical, that many of us feel when we work that DX station, put in that good contesting effort, or just ragchew. I received a compliment that I was very happy to receive in a local club meeting on Tuesday night. One attendee of a recent 100 Pound DXpedition presentation thought it was a great "sales pitch" that communicates to the public the excitement we can have doing what we do. If indeed this is true even a little, I'm very glad.

It doesn't seem like it, but a month has passed since I mailed the stuff off to Montserrat. I also realized that it had been a month since I had mailed around a status report to my fellow BUMS. Obviously I'm giving myself a failing grade on this assignment! Today's status report, and "punch list" of items we need to follow-up on, should begin to put things back on track. Chris (W6HFP) has picked up lots of this slack by bringing the group several excellent options for travel to-and-from Montserrat. Getting our flights settled, along with some other pressing items, would be good to do in the next few days. Thanks go to Chris for being diligent on this.
Though I swear I read the rules to the ARRL DX contest before going to St. John this Spring, I missed the line that said, "DX entrants making more than 500 QSOs on either mode will receive certificates." So, imagine my surprise when I got a very nice mailing from the ARRL yesterday! See below.
Finally, here's the new PART logo recently adopted. I think the group did OK. I hope you agree.
New WB1GOF Logo
KP2 certificate


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