Thursday, October 26, 2006

Montserrat activity heating up

I'm taking tomorrow off from work to get ready for the CQ WW SSB contest. The G5RV is already hung so all I need to do is run a feedline to it to have that antenna ready. I may also set up the Force 12 Sigma-5 in the woods so I can quickly check for openings on 15 meters without needing to mess with the antenna tuner.
I received an email message today from a magazine in the UK looking for a high-resolution version of our Monserrat DXpedition logo to accompany an entry in their publication. I returned the message immediately with a copy of the Adobe Illustrator version of the artwork. With that, they can scale it and reproduce it in any resolution they like. I sent out the press release on 22 August and have already seen mention of our trip in WorldRadio magazine and hope to see other announcements in the December or January issues of QST, CQ Magazine, and The DX Magazine.
You may not be familiar with The DX Magazine, but it is a gem! It is published bimonthly and features lots of great stuff on DXing and DXpeditioning. Recommended.
Hearing from this British magazine made me wonder how many places our announcement had stuck. So, I did a quick Google search using the string "Montserrat W3FF". A very pleasing number of hits came back! Naturally, I sent that little tidbit around to the group.
One particularly nice spot we landed in was this one: Announced DX Operations on the NG3K site. This seems like a pretty handy site all around!
Finally, my answering machine had a message from Paul. He had talked with our contact on Montserrat and the Montserrat Amateur Radio Society today. From the message, I gathered that our friend on the island will assist us with the paperwork and clearing customs upon our arrival. That is great news indeed. That should help speed us through what could have been a very time-consuming, nightmarish ordeal, and get us on the air that much sooner. I couldn't be more pleased! We will need to send him a complete inventory of our equipment, including serial numbers and estimated value, in order to make this happen. This is something we were going to have ready anyway.
Again, some legwork during the trip planning phase may lead to good things later. I know I dwell on this point, but planning is key!


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