Sunday, November 19, 2006

Our man on Montserrat

I received a message from a Montserrat team member this morning with some great news. We have found a ham on the island who is willing to do all the legwork for expediting our licenses. We just send him the packet and a money order in his name and he'll use local currency to walk the paperwork through the system. Outstanding! Because we're starting to get into the Christmas season and the post office is feeling the pressure of the associated extra load, he suggested we use Federal Express or another express carrier to ensure that this envelope doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Good idea.
We do have some questions that need to be answered before we finalize our licensing materials. It was suggested on our group's email reflector that we hold our first conference call tomorrow night to work that out those last details. The agenda will be essentially what I posted the other night, though we did come up with a couple of extra questions today such as ,"most big-time DXpeditions have a single call sign and manage all QSLing that way... should we?"
I confess I'm very excited about this first call. It will be the first time I will have spoken with most of these guys. We've exchanged hundreds of emails, but I've only talked with Budd, Chris, and Paul in person or by telephone.
With just two months (or so) to go, there are many, many things left to do. I'll try to keep up the postings here so you can see it come together, or at least learn from my mistakes. {grin}


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