Saturday, December 30, 2006

QSLpro announcement

It has been a week since my last post. Those of you who have followed along with me during this trip planning know how uncharacteristic such a lapse is. I don't anticipate another such lag in posting until after the Montserrat trip has concluded.
While I have not been blogging, I have been working feverishly on software that should help with this coming DXpedition and those that will follow. Let me introduce QSLprotm.

This software reads a log file from a special event station or DXpedition and creates QSLcard labels. There are a number of features that I've put into this program that I'm excited about, but let me talk about just one today: the ability to take a log from multiple operators and create the minimum number of QSL card labels (which consequently use the minimum number of cards). Imagine a station 6Y1V worked seven stations QSOs with seven DXpedition members in 2005. QSLpro would create just two labels as pictured below:

When you are done, just use the Save feature to update your log and each QSO for which a QSL label had been printed will be marked with a Y for QSL sent. Easy!
The program works directly with MacLoggerDX log files. There is no need to export to ADIF or perform other conversions. I used it today to print a dozen labels for my home call (NE1RD) that I'll send off on Monday to help boost my DXCC total. It was so easy! Just click, click, click, and print. It really does make QSLing fun!
I have written a full manual for the software and will made program and manual available in the next few weeks. (I want to do additional testing before releasing it to the public.) We've not made final plans regarding QSLing for the Montserrat trip. This new program should help make for some interesting discussions! I know I'll be using it for the K1P special event station. I'll let you know what the Montserrat team decides.
Finally, I had ordered two pieces of luggage for the trip. The carry-on sized Pelican case (1510) was, in the end, too small for this trip. It is a lovely case for the ic7000 system, but I need something a bit larger for Monserrat. So, I had ordered a second Pelican 1610 case (the first case contains my 50 pound Yaesu 897D system) to carry the bulk of my equipment. That case arrived this week. I also ordered a nice bag from REI which also arrived this week. I should be able to start backing (and weighing) this weekend. I would like to have everything in the bag, inventoried, weighed, and tested by January 15th. Since it is snowing here today, I certainly won't be needing any shorts or T-shirts here in Massachusetts anytime soon!
I look for my blogging to return to its normal daily pace now that this software is (nearly) finished. With less than a month to go before we depart, these next few weeks should be very interesting!


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