Sunday, February 25, 2007

RIGtalk on MacOS X

Now that all the planning for the Montserrat trip has been completed and we've actually made the journey, I've been circling back to revisit some of the small projects I've started but not yet finished. One such project was making the RIGtalk USB serial interfaces work with MacOS X. I did just that tonight. Hooray!
I'll spend some time tomorrow writing up the procedure and getting it published on my web site. Then, I think I'll write a nice mail message and send it to the good folks at West Mountain Radio echoing those details. They may then include them in a more appropriate place, or actually update their installation process to support the Macintosh directly. In fact, if I've really ironed out this process, there is really no reason why they shouldn't support the Macintosh platform. I'm sure every MacLoggerDX user would be interested in this product.
I have two of these RIGtalk interfaces, one for my Yaesu rigs and one for my ICOM rigs, so I was motivated (so say the least) to get this working. Now that I have, assuming I can repeat today's success in the morning, I'll be swapping out the bulky and heavy rig control stuff out of the IC-7000 Pelican case and replacing it with this little chewing gum-sized device. That will feel good! I'll post to my blog when all of this is accomplished.


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