Sunday, March 11, 2007

NE1RD/W7 is now QRT

My time with my friend Henson and his family is coming to a close. I'm a little sad for I've not seen him for many years and less than two days is far too short a time to catch up on all that has happened to both of us. Still, it was an excellent and relaxing way to wrap up this West Coast trip.
My IC-7000 was set up on a family room table for most of the day. I fiddled with the antenna and found the loose connection which allowed me to make a few contacts as NE1RD/W7. I was able to snag Svalbard, Japan, and several special event stations in Oklahoma running 1x1 call signs. Apparently, there were enough of these stations that you could spell "Oklahoma" with them (and if you did be eligible for some certificate). Very nifty idea!
I'm now packing up and preparing for the early morning drive to the airport. There are two long flights ahead of me (I have a stop in Chicago). I've got a couple of things to ponder on the way back. The first one is my reliance upon antenna analyzers for setting up these antennas. I did not bring my MFJ 259B with me on this trip, and it made things much harder than I would have thought! I either need to get more comfortable setting up some of these antennas without the analyzer, or declare that I'll always have such a tool in my bag. (I also admit the solution might be answering "yes" to both.)
I've just glanced at the clock in the corner of my screen. I had left it on Boston time for this trip. It was comforting somehow to see the time at home while I was so far away. It now reads 3:59 AM. I've got to sleep fast and be up in just a few hours. I'll see all of you on the other end after my long flights!


Blogger Ashton Lee said...

There are two travel beams that I know of which would meet your neets... Super Antennas (W6MMA) has one that fits in a bag, as does Sandpiper in the UK. Both are very affordable. I have not used either, but do have a Mosley Mini on order (6 foot boom, 16 foot elements).

March 14, 2007 10:34 AM  

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