Thursday, March 01, 2007


Something fun happened today. I received the eQSL confirmation of my 25th country and automatically became eligible for the eQSL eDX award. My application for that award (just a click of a button) was approved this evening. I can now print the award certificate. Sure, it isn't DXCC, but it is a nice waypoint along the way. Plus, the eQSL system is fun and easy to use. I'm printing that award and hanging it in the shack. It was fun making all those contacts; it will be fun to have that reminder of all those good times on the wall.
I made it a point to have the team sign up for this service (and Logbook of the World) because it would provide joy to some of those who worked us. I might compare a DXpedition to a dinner party you would throw for a few (thousand) of your closest friends. You want to make sure everybody has a good time, feels wanted, and has memorable experience. A DXpedition web site, online logs, a nice QSL card, and even the support the online QSLing services, are all things you can do to ensure your guests have a good time. It is your party. Throw a nice one.

I've been finding my mail box, and email box, quite full lately. I'm a little behind on the email, but hope to catch up on that long trip to Seattle on Monday. If I owe you a message, please be patient. Thank you.
As a reminder, I'll be at K1TTT operating in the ARRL DX contest for the next couple of days. My next blog entry will be Sunday night.


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