Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yet another Montserrat DXpedition wrapping up

While I was planning my Montserrat trip, a couple of other fellows from the UK wrote to me regarding their plans for a trip to the island. Phil Whitchurch (G3SWH) and Jim Kellaway (G3RTE) have been on the island since the 21st of February. Phil and I exchanged a number of email messages both prior to my trip, and again after my return. I hope that the information I provided helped him prepare for his journey.
If you are planning on a trip to a special place, try to find somebody else who has been there before. Getting advice from somebody who has been there, seen the terrain, met the locals, and navigated through the maze of governmental entanglements, can be valuable input to any planning process. I was certainly thankful for all of the advice I had received from George Briggs (K2DM), who had not only visited Montserrat but had stayed at Gingerbread Hill. I am now absolutely delighted to be able to provide this service to others. I've not been many places, but I'm sure happy to talk about those few places I've seen!
I told Phil that I really wanted to work him while he was on the island. I found him on 40m CW last night, but was unable to raise him. About 1AM local time (2AM local time on Montserrat), Phil said he needed to QRT to sleep. Drat! Missed him!
I don't have a set of paddles in the car (I'd be a road hazard if I did), but I did tune around today on my way back from lunch and found Phil again on 20m CW. It was pleasant listening to him work the pile-up.
The schedule I have for Phil's DXpedition shows them packing up and leaving after tomorrow. Alas, it looks like another one slipped through my fingers. But, while I won't have Phil in the log, I believe I still played a small role in his trip. I feel good about that.


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