Thursday, March 01, 2007

Progress on the RIGtalk

It is very late here (after midnight again) so I must be brief. I would like to report that the good folks at West Mountain Radio have been in touch with me and things are progressing on the Macintosh driver issues I identified this weekend with the RIGtalk devices. I am very pleased with the support so far and thought I should say so publicly.
We're not out of the woods yet on this issue, but I am very encouraged that we're on the right track. Remember: this issue was opened just a few days ago so it will be a while before the entire thing can be fixed permanently. But, the good folks at West Mountain Radio are making all the right moves so far. I thank them.
Very busy couple of days are ahead for me: I need to plan and pack for my trip to Seattle tomorrow night because I'm taking off some time early Friday to travel to Peru, Massachusetts to work the ARRL DX contest from the contest superstation at K1TTT. I'll report on all of that stuff, of course, thought it might need to wait until I've got some time (probably on that long airplane ride) to get it all written down.


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