Sunday, March 25, 2007

WPX and statistics

I finally finished the statistics for the VP2M DXpedition today. You can view them here. I know I reported something like 2400 QSOs back in February but I hadn't fully processed all the logs. The total is really closer to 3000 QSOs, 120 digital contacts, 270 CW contacts, and 2588 on SSB. We worked 85 DXCC entities and nearly did a Worked All States.
The software still needs work, but I've got enough working that I can get it finished in plenty of time before my trip in October. I might even have time to work on it before the K1P trip in April.
The CQ WW WPX SSB contest was this weekend and I was able to play a bit in between yesterday's VE session and working on the DXpedition statistics. I decided to do the contest QRP so I could work on my DXCC (QRP) total. I was able to put four more countries in the log! Here's the results from my half-hearted effort.

Band QSOs
80: 37
40: 25
20: 90
Total: 152 Prefixes = 123 Total Score = 36,162

Note how high the percentage is for new prefixes vs. total QSOs. When you work QRP, you expect to invest a lot of time for each QSO. So, I don't work for 5 minute to get a prefix I already have; I spend that time tuning around and looking for a prefix I don't have! Not bad for a little K2 and a G5RV.
Another busy week ahead. I'm still thinking about the beam and analyzer...


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