Friday, July 27, 2007

eQSL and LoTW for V4

In a little less than three months I'll be on St. Kitts. Time is short! I have begun working on the DXpedition web site and spent some time last night and this morning getting the eQSL and Logbook of the World set up. Both LoTW and eQSL are two phase processes. Here's the steps that make sense to me:
  1. Create a LoTW certificate request for the new QTH. I have documented the steps for doing this on my web site.
  2. Upload this to the LoTW web site.
  3. LoTW will need evidence that this is a valid request. The easiest thing to do is to scan (or take a digital photograph) of the license issued by the local authority. (I took a picture of the license from St. Kitts, for example.) You can either send this to the ARRL as an attachment to an eMail lotw-admin at arrl dot org, or put this on a web site someplace where LoTW administrators can fetch it.
  4. This LoTW request will take some time to process. Wait.
  5. In the mean time you can begin setting up your eQSL account. Add a new location to eQSL using their mechanisms.
  6. eQSL Authenticity Guaranteed is most easily obtained by getting it from the LoTW. So, wait until you have finished setting up the LoTW account before proceeding with the eQSL account.
  7. The LoTW folks will eventually send you a .tq6 file. Finish setting up the LoTW account. Create a single QSO record in ADIF. Sign it with the new certificate and upload it to LoTW. It doesn't matter who you claim to have talked with as it will never be confirmed. I claim to have talked to myself (NE1RD), for example. The point is this: the next steps require that there be at least one QSO in the new account.
  8. Now that you have LoTW set up and have at least one QSO in your "out box" there, you can use the LoTW credentials as a basis for Authenticity Guaranteed in eQSL. Return to eQSL and finish the Authenticity Guaranteed procedure using LoTW as the authenticator.

It sounds more confusing than it is. The idea is this: at each step you provide a little more evidence that you "are who you are", and you then use the previous steps to provide evidence for later steps. Think of it as climbing a ladder. Each rung brings you to another level which allows you to reach even higher rungs.
The upshot of all this is I should have both LoTW and eQSL accounts ready to accept my logs by the end of the day. With all of the other planning that needs to be made, this is a nice thing to get out of the way.


Blogger Steve Weinert said...

Scott - you make the explaination sound easy - perhaps the ARRL should hire you to write the documentation for LoTW!



July 27, 2007 4:59 PM  

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