Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Facebook revisited

Steve Weinert (K9ZW) said:

It seems you have to join to even see your pages - perhaps you could post screen shots to show those less inclined to register before looking what your pages look like?

Here is a partial snapshot from the Facebook site. The site provides lots of customization including the inclusion of add-on applications like "Where I've Been", a world map that allows you to click/select places you been, or wish to visit.

You can put up as much or little information as you like. I'm open on some things and reticent on others. That's OK, in my view. Sites like this can be a tremendous time-sync/time-wasting-exercise. Of course, so can obsessing about your QRZ entry. My suggestion was to consider these other sites as a place to say a little more about yourself in a structured way.
I've noticed the average age of the typical user on Facebook is about 1/3 of mine. It is very popular with the High School and College crowd. But, they appear to let old geezers like me in, too. If they'll let me in, they'll let anybody in! {grin}


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