Monday, August 13, 2007

RIGtalk USB to serial rig control interface on MacOS X

I just updated my home page with the following relating to RIGtalk drivers on the Macintosh:

West Mountain Radio has updated their web site with drivers for both PPC and Intel Macintosh computers. As of this writing, the drivers were located here. I very much appreciate the effort by West Mountain Radio and their staff, especially Del Schier, who drove this project to completion. This is just one more reason to like West Mountain Radio stuff.
I have tested my RIGtalk with my MacBook Pro and Icom IC-7000 using MacLoggerDX. It works well and I happily traded heavier RS232C converters for that stick-of-gum-sized RIGtalk device and cable. That's how you make your 100 pound weight limit!


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