Wednesday, August 15, 2007


As mentioned on the the blog DX World of Ham Radio the path of the latest storms track directly over my favorite spots in the Caribbean. This paints a bleak picture and, selfishly, I am glad I'm not in its path.

Hurricane season
officially extends through November, a month past our planned stay, and it goes without saying that a significant tropical storm or hurricane would be a serious problem for our trip! Of course, there is little that can be done in the case of a significant storm once you are on-island. But, in the case where a storm is heading there in those days just prior to departure we would have choices to make. I've always advocated safety first. There are few things worth risking your life and a family vacation can hardly be one of them. If the forecast above were for our planned week on the island, we'd be making alternate plans. Period.
The BUMS had a similar problem early this year. While we were not visiting Montserrat during hurricane season, the island's volcano had become quite active during the weeks leading up to our trip. We had make very deliberate plans should the volcano erupt, or even hint that it might erupt. Luckily, the volcano calmed and our visit was a happy one without incident. We were wary, vigilant, and alert. Nothing more. Nothing less. Our prudence didn't diminish anyone's fun.
I grew up in the midwest and had a brush or two with tornados. I've lived in Massachusetts for a quarter century. During that time a hurricane and Nor'easter have wandered by a few times. I've got a great deal of respect for Mother Nature. By the way, if she's reading this blog: Please don't screw up my trip! {grin}


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