Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Presentation and award

I've had a couple of things going these last few weeks that have kept me quite busy. First, and perhaps foremost, is the effort I'm putting into my antenna analysis white paper. I had a very preliminary draft up for a few days to solicit comments. I've since taken that down since so much has changed and been added. This is a long term project. Sure, I hope to get some results that I can use immediately for my St. Kitts planning, but I know I won't have a complete draft of this until early next year. I'll decide how best to distribute it when it is closer to completion.
It was a beautiful day on Sunday and I spent some chunk of it assembling the Mosley Mini-32-A beam with the new parts. It seemed to work very well. I've got one concern, though. One of the coils on the new parts has unraveled a bit on its plastic form. I think it will be fine for the St. Kitts trip, but I've got to think about what to do about this problem over the long term.
In addition to St. Kitts preparations, working on the antenna analysis white paper, and working a VE session Saturday morning, I've also been scrambling to get the new version of my 100 Pound DXpedition presentation ready. I finished the slides, audio and video editing, and rehearsals of the talk on Monday night. I gave the presentation to the PART club last night. It was well received (at least no rotten fruit was tossed in my direction). It is a completely revamped talk, much different and improved from the those I gave in 2006. I'm scheduled to give it twice more this year to other clubs (so far).
PART club elections were held last night. I had decided not to run again for club Secretary as I thought it would be good to bring in new blood to the Board of Directors. Steve Rimsa (WA1KBE) won that slot for the next year and I'm sure he'll do well. Congratulations, Steve!
Finally, prior to my talk I was presented with "Certificate of Merit" from the PART club for my contributions over the last few years. It was completely unexpected and, in a completely uncharacteristic way, I was speechless. For those who know me well, that is not a typical state for me! Anyway, the gesture is very much appreciated. It is a good group and I've been pleased to contribute in my small way. Here I am with PART President Bo Buddinger (WA1QYM) receiving the award.


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Congratulations and well deserved!

73 de Scot, KA3DRR

September 19, 2007 9:20 PM  

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