Thursday, September 20, 2007


I worked St. Brandon (3B7C) on 80m phone last night. I'd love to work them a couple of more times before they go but I'll have to hurry. They will be QRT on 24 September according to their plan. If I wasn't so busy at work I would consider a DX-itis sick day. {grin}
The 3B7C web site has some really interesting stuff on it including a great feature that helps you plan when you should work them on a particular band. I wonder how hard that would be to add to my log processing program? Something to ponder, I guess.
This crew of top-tier operators is doing quite well considering it is at the bottom of the cycle. The Daily DX reported that the team has passed the 100,000 QSO mark. They also have a DXCC total of 187. Wow. One of my (stretch) goals is to work DXCC while on St. Kitts but I can't imagine putting that many in the log! They have been disappointed with 15m and 17m openings. That's not good news for me. I had hoped to work a bunch on 17m while on St. Kitts prior to the contest. We'll see if things improve in a month.
Speaking of which: the solar rotation cycle is about 27 days. So, we should start paying attention to solar conditions about 27 days prior to our arrival. That is near the end of this month. There are no guarantees, of course, but the part of the Sun facing us in a few days will be the part of the sun facing us during my week on St. Kitts. Let us all wish for sunspots and otherwise quiet conditions.
I'm still packing and weighing stuff. I may assemble the Mosley one more time this weekend and put it on the mast we're bringing. Maybe I can work 3B7C on SSB and CW on 20m with it. That would be a nice test!

Finally, if you have not already done so, you must visit Scot's (K9JY) web blog and catch up on his continuing series 30 Ham Radio Contest Tips. There are great ideas in here and not just for contesters. Highly recommended.


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