Wednesday, August 23, 2006

K1P call sign approved for 2007

I just got a message from Perry Green (WY1O) that my special event call sign request for K1P was approved for April 11-17, 2007. So, I'll be on Deer Isle again next year for Patriots Day. You can see our web site for this special event here.
Last year's operation was complicated by a solar event that largely wiped out the HF bands for the weekend. Dave got through with CW and data modes but SSB was tough going. Hopefully we'll not have a repeat of that mess!
It might seem really early to be setting up for a trip like this. I've already got the special event call sign, the lease for the house is ready to be mailed back to our hosts, and Dave and I have already discussed some of the operating aspects of the trip. It isn't too early. My advice is to work on these things far in advance and a little at a time. That ensures you'll have everything planned, everything done, and you'll have a great trip!
Speaking of planning head well in advance, I mailed the Montserrat DXpedition Press Release to the ARRL, CQ Magazine, WorldRadio Magazine, and The DX Magazine this morning. If you want publicity for your event, you have to be sensitive to the long lead times the print media has. Hopefully, one or more of these publications will find our story interesting enough to pick up and print.


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