Thursday, August 24, 2006

Restating my purpose

The good folks at The Daily DX picked up our Press Release about the Montserrat DXpedition. Between this and the posts I made to the Yahoo! groups for the Buddipole Users Group and the HFpack, traffic here has picked up considerably. This might be a good time to restate what this blog is about.
Traveling with your radio can be tons of fun. Being on the other end of the pile up and being the pursued rather than the pursuer is a fun change of pace. My idea in this is simple: you can do this with a minimum of equipment. Sure, if you don't bring towers, yagis, and amplifiers you won't be the biggest signal on the band, but you just might be the one having the most fun. And, for me that's more important!
I've got three trips actively in the works: Montserrat, Deer Isle (ME), and Georges Island right in my "back yard", with a fourth, Cay Sal Bank, way off in the distance. I talk about planning and execution of these trips here. What I'm really hoping, though, is each of you will be inspired to try this yourself. Grab the radio and some wire, go someplace interesting and have fun!
Boxboro is right around the corner and I wanted to have the Montserrat trip announced and out there so I could talk about it. I finished the initial work on the VP2M web site last night, including the logo. Of course there is lots more work to do, but at least it is started. I think my logo turned out nicely, don't you?
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