Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kerguelen video at local club

Tonight was a local radio club meeting night and the entertainment portion was a video from DXvideos.com on Kerguelen island. All of these videos are great (I own them all), but this one seems especially good. The group loved it.
I think I'll give these videos another viewing over the long Thanksgiving weekend. These videos feature some of the best amateur radio operators alive doing what they do best. If you have one of these videos, check out how they pack their gear, get the antennas erected, and how much coax they bring. Even little things I've noticed will be added to my planning list. For example, bringing some red plastic ribbon or tape for marking coax or guy wires as tripping hazards is a great idea. Sure, it sounds obvious when I say it, but there are dozens of little tidbits like that in these videos that I would have a tough time conjuring on my own.
I got my passport picture taken (again) today. I will assemble the new licensing package in the morning. Well, that was my plan. Then I got a message today that it is possible that our original package may have been located in the licensing offices on Montserrat... maybe. {sigh} Another team member is tracking this down. Perhaps we'll know more tomorrow.


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