Friday, August 25, 2006

Boxboro Day One

Today was Day One at Boxboro and it was a full day of Ham radio. It began with an ICS-100 training class taught by MEMA. Two other fellow members of PART (the Westford, Massachusetts club) were there. I'm going to try to get through all three courses (-100, -200, -300) and the 700 level course so I've got all my credentials in order. We'll see when I can allocate the time.
The Boxboro DX dinner sponsored by New England DX Century Club was held tonight with special guest speakers Bob Heil and Ann Santos. Bob Heil received a rock star ovation from the crowd when announced and why not? Bob's company Heil Sound was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. In his remarks Bob said he owed it all to ham radio. You can't beat that!
Ann Santos was next with her video presentation from her trip to Kure Atol and the K7C DXpedition. The sound wasn't quite right when her video began and Bob Heil popped up, adjusted the microphone picking up her movie's audio, then went in the back room to further adjust the sound. He circled back and reentered the room near my table and asked me if the sound was OK now? Yes. Thanks. I turned to my fellow table-mates and said, "this is the best AV guy we've ever had here." I crack myself up.
My presentation is at noon in the morning. I ripped out a bunch of slides today in hopes of leaving more time for questions. I've also got some cool give-aways for those who suffer through the whole hour with me. [grin]


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