Saturday, August 26, 2006

Boxboro Day Two

Today was Day Two at Boxboro and the first official day of the event. I gave my 100 Pound DXpedition talk at noon and, once I got over my nervous jitters, had a good time sharing my experiences, successes, and goof-ups. I gave away a couple of items at the end including a tote bag with my 100 pound DXpedition logo on it, and a couple of goodies I'd been collecting from Rex Harper (W1REX) including a box of his famous Zomboids (Altoids relabeled) and one of his Tuna Tin transmitter kits. I was kidding attendees that the little 3 ounce transmitter is a good start to your 100 pound equipment budget.
The question and answer session after my presentation was lively and I believe I engaged a few people's enthusiasm. Again, if I have successfully encouraged a few folks to go out and travel with their radio I believe I've done a good thing. I was also stopped a couple of times after the session in the long hallway between meeting rooms to answer questions about antennas, plans for my next trip, and so on. It was fun meeting so many people!
Prior to the talk, when I was hanging out in the garden area with the intention of rehearsing the presentation one more time, I met Bill Barber (NE1B), a very interesting fellow who was sorting through some of the latest QSL cards he'd received in order to submit them for his DXCC credit. Somehow we got to talking about Cay Sal Bank, boats, planes, and (believe it or not) Bebe Rebozo, who, according to Bill, had a residence down there in Cay Sal at one point. Bill, in addition to being on the Honor Roll with 7BDXCC, and a long list of other awards, knew a great deal about the Bahamas, and the recent DXpedition efforts to Cay Sal. The more I talk to people the more I realize I've got to learn a whole lot more about Cay Sal and that area of the world before I go there. (It was also a little disconcerting to realize I was old enough to know who Bebe Rebozo was. [grin])
The majority of the afternoon was spent split between the New England QRP presentation and the Yankee Clipper Contest Club meeting. I am definitely spread too thin!
The YCCC meeting featured many very intersting presentations including a wrap-up by Mitch Stern (W1SJ) who operated FS5KA for the ARRL DX SSB contest (the same contest I operated from St. John this year). Mitch and I were (clearly) in different categories, though: Mitch was in the "Single Op High Power" category, and I was in the "umbrella drink" category. At least that's how it appears when you compare his 4,717,152 points to my 106,926 points.
One more day at Boxboro and then it is time to get really serious about the organizing effort for Montserrat. Getting licensing arranged and finding suitable transportation from Antigua are the top two concerns.


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